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A brief history of the turntable and vinyl records

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Victrola was first introduced to the American public in by The Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, NJ and produced over 8 million units of distinctive records players and radios. Vinyl records have made a strong comeback in an era dominated by digital music, as sales rose percent between and Last year alone, sales were up more than 50 percent, with that number expected to continue to rise by the end of this year, creating an exciting market for turntables and records players.

Carried in more than 15, stores throughout North America, Innovative Technology boasts the most complete collection of nostalgia products at highly competitive prices with more than 3 million vintage records players to date.

Camden Museum Resurrects Era of Hand-Cranked Victrolas storage areas to locate original replacement parts, needles, records and cylinders. “We have nearly 20 machines that date from to the s and include.

Moran, in the early s. Fagan, a United Nations interpreter, and Mr. Moran, a geologist for the oil industry, both collected recordings primarily classical music and shared their dismay over the lack of information available about Victor Red Seal records. Corresponding by post for a number of years, they conceived a project to document every Victor classical recording. According to Mr. Fagan’s introduction to the second and last published volume of their discography, as he and Mr.

Moran developed their classical music discography they came to recognize that there would be equal interest by scholars and collectors in the recording sessions that surrounded Victor’s classical music recording sessions.

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The name ‘Victrola’ was the trademark for early console phonographs with enclosed horns first marketed by the Victor Talking Machine Company in The ‘Victrola’ trademark also appeared on most Red Seal records rather than ‘Victor’ issued in the US from around until , then from until early Many early reissues on the RCA Victrola label included recordings from the historic RCA Victor “Living Stereo” series first released in , using triple channel stereophonic tapes recorded as early as There were also some first stereo issues of recordings that had previously been available only in monophonic versions.

For several years, Victrola released both stereo and mono versions of many albums, many of them in “reprocessed” fake stereo. In , to celebrate the th anniversary of the birth of Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini , Victrola began an ambitious project of reissuing most of Toscanini’s approved recordings with the NBC Symphony Orchestra , mostly from the s and early s.

than 3, records, most dating to the s when the recording industry Rorrer’s collection contains Victrolas as well as other makes and.

That record must be a quarter of an inch thick! The knowledge that you will probably never complete your collection just adds to the thrill. This is record collecting at its most pure and primal. They can only be played on a certain type of player, and they steadfastly avoid any musical bag that gets the rest of the collecting world so hot under the collar.

To collect Edison records is the epitome of devotion. In , Thomas Edison shown here circa invented the phonograph, the first device that could record and play back sound. A decade later, Edison switched his focus to improving the playback. In , his company debuted its Perfected Phonograph, which played wax cylinders that could present a maximum of three minutes of recorded sound played at RPM.

Photo courtesy Library of Congress. The early cylinders were great, because they gave everyone a place to start. And they can — or, at least, should — only be played with a diamond needle, affixed to an Edison player. But they said that about Betamax tapes, too. Edison released his first discs in , although his personal preference appears to have been for cylinders. They were cheaper to produce, after all.

Technical Details

There are also two other variations of each type which are available, but in every case Period Victrolas are made to order only. Today, when for the first time you have brought a Victrola into your home, we wish it were possible to show you how much this, the most versatile and so the most satisfying musical instrument in all the world, can be made to entertain, to console and to inspire. Victor records represent a moment of inspired achievement in the life of some great artist.

We believe, utterly, that no matter with what delight you may have anticipated the possession of a Victrola, you will still have fallen far short of complete realization of its possibilities—of the extent to which through the whole scale of human emotions its music may become woven into the fabric of your spiritual life and your physical well-being.

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Series I. Enrico Caruso Box 1 This series consists of 25 78 r. The albums were produced by the Victor Talking Machine Co. The date noted for each recording represents the date the song was first recorded by Caruso. Enrico Caruso was born on February 25, , in Naples, Italy. One of seven children and only one of three who made it to adolescence , he was a bright and precocious child who had a talent for singing.

While his father believed Enrico would follow in his footsteps as a mechanic, his mother encouraged the boy to follow his natural talent in singing. While Caruso enjoyed success as an opera singer, he would not record his voice until he was in his late twenties. Throughout his career, Caruso received many orders, decorations, testimonials and other kinds of honors from the monarchs, governments and cultural organizations of the various nations in which he sang.

He would perform until , when he was struck severely ill with a respiratory ailment from which he would never recover. He passed away in August 5,

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Keep all your vinyl records and albums looking as good as the day you got them by placing them inside the Victrola Vinyl Record Storage Case. Designed to protect your favorite records from dust, scratches, and scuffs, this storage case features heavy duty hardware, corner guards and hinges to ensure your records can continue outputting their highest quality sound. Plenty of space inside allows you safely to store over 30 of your favorite 33’s, 45’s and 78’s and a compact overall design allows you to save space in your home and stay organized.

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By Hoag Levins March 4, A group of visiting senior citizens gathered around the wooden horn of the year-old music player stepped back, obviously surprised by the power of the sound. Previously sedate, the group’s members became animated. One clapped her hands in unexpected delight. A third’s face stretched into a quiet smile at the operatic beauty of the nostalgic performance.

For the next twenty minutes, as they listened to more songs on hand-cranked players, the visitors repeatedly interrupted the exhibit narrator to tell their own stories about how their grandparents and great aunts used these same machines to fill their living rooms with joy and their family members’ heads with memories. Larger photo. You could just feel that this exhibit wanted to sing.

Snyder and other Society staffers cleaned and repaired the machines, rummaging through the Historical Society’s storage areas to locate original replacement parts, needles, records and cylinders. And we have boxes and boxes of old records we haven’t even catalogued yet.

Victrola Storage case for Vinyl Turntable Records, Turquoise

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Previous owner signature and date on loose endpaper, dated Jan 16, Stories of the operas with illustrations & descriptions of Victor Opera Records.

The Victor-Victrola Page. Simply click on the question below to be linked to a response. Have an unusual question? Just email us at inquiries victor-victrola. Can I play “vinyl” records on my Victor or Victrola? What kinds of records can I play on my Victrola? I have a lot of old 78 RPM records, what are they worth?

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More than that, Alexander has created a delightful live-performance space called The Vault in the small town of Berlin, NJ, about 20 miles from Center City Philadelphia and even closer to the site of the original Victor Talking Machine Co. We sat down with Alexander to learn more about his multi-faceted operation. So it seemed there was a revival in public interest.

Tell us about what I imagine to be an exciting expedition. Alexander: In short, I saw the music industry break — and watched a beautiful model that had given careers to a lot of musicians and writers absolutely collapse.

Six Victrola Records from the Trenches managed to haul a Victrola phonograph to France after he enlisted in the 42nd Rainbow Division Date.

A wooden Edison talking machine foreground , which plays celluloid cylinders, is among Kinney Rorrer’s collection of vintage record players. He also collects thousands of 78 rpm records. Some have wooden horns and others have metal horns. Most are displayed on or within exquisite wooden cabinets. His wife Bonnie gave him the Nipper Victrola dog for his 50th birthday.

For his 50th birthday, his wife gave him a large statue of “Nipper,” the dog featured in RCA Victor advertisements. The dog lives in the corner of the living room in Rorrer’s Danville home. Rorrer’s basement is filled with 78 rpm records, cylinders and record players from Auxetophone to Zonophone. Actually, it’s an old-fashioned phonograph machine, a Victor Auxetophone, a record player so loud that it could fill a ballroom with music and save a party host the cost of a full orchestra.

The century-old record player still worked! The scratchy music of the big band thundered through the enormous bell on top of the record player. You can almost see a crowd of people dancing the fox trot.

RCA Victrola

The company was founded by engineer Eldridge R. Johnson , who had been manufacturing gramophones for inventor Emile Berliner , to play his disc records. The Victor Talking Machine Co. Victor had acquired the Pan-American rights to use the now famous trademark of the fox terrier Nipper quizzically listening to a gramophone when Berliner and Johnson affiliated their fledgling companies.

See also His Master’s Voice. The original painting was an oil on canvas by Francis Barraud in

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Check out the Internet Archive when you have some hours to kill, link below Does anybody else in the group buy and play 78 rpm records? If so, do you play them on vintage equipment? I do and I love it! I went to his house on Saturday Sept. Turned out the guy is a record dealer and he wasn’t able to sell these anywhere he went. I can’t figure out why they didn’t sell, there’s such a great range of good stuff in there!

I’m going to weed out the broken ones and the ones I don’t really want over the next few weeks. I’m also going to take photos of as many as I can and post them in the 78 rpm group photo pool soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Victor Victrola VV-IX 1917 Manufacture Date